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“The Success of the Storytellers” by Mordechai (Max) Shatner

shatnerIn his new book Mordechai (Max) Shatner, Israeli philosopher and artificial intelligence expert, suggests a fresh explanation of the famous Jewish success secret. Apparently, the ancient Jewish art of creating stories is the main source of Jews’ phenomenal success.

The diversity of Jewish success led the author to the conclusion that it depends on some basic intellectual skill, which characterizes the Jewish culture and shared by all Jews wherever or whenever they lived. Although all the people in the world are quite the storytellers, Jews are different: our stories are more like movie scripts. For example, most of the Jewish holidays have a fascinating “Hollywood” story behind them.

Shatner insists that telling a convincing and engaging story is the foundational key to success. So this national narration ability was extremely useful to many Jews in various fields: from sience to busyness. As we always say at Beit Hatfutsot: Never underestimate a good Jewish story!

Mordechai (Max) Shatner, “The Success of the Storytellers”, published (in Hebrew) by Yedioth Books.

Nir Goldberg