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For over 30 years, our gift shop has provided visitors a chance to take home a little bit of the spirit of the Museum of the Jewish People. Now for the first time, you can enjoy this unique shopping experience, quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world. The museum’s new online gift shop features a rich collection of the highest quality Israeli products, all hand-picked by our expert staff members. Along with catalogues of the Museum’s exhibits you can find a wide variety of Judaica artifacts, art pieces, and decorative items; a collection of fascinating books on all things Jewish – from an in depth look at Jewish communities around the world, to Israeli history books and travel guides; an archive of inspirational films; and the Museum of the Jewish People’s original music collection, comprised of dozens of albums of Jewish music.

Shop is open:
Sun-Thur: 10am-5pm
Fri: 10am-1pm
Sat: Shop is closed
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The Staff – Leah, Ronit and Ya’akov have been running the store for over a decade, all having worked in other departments of the Museum prior to their current positions. The three always keep up to date with the latest trends in the field and maintain a fresh, up-to-date selection. Their unique personal styles, artistic know-how and affinity to Jewish and Israeli culture combine to create the rich, one of a kind professional and personal mosaic evident in the vibrant collection of items the store offers.

Ya'akov Brill

Ya'akov Brill

Ya'akov has been an employee of the Museum since 1982. Before joining the gift shop team, he was in charge of the photography lab, seeing to over 170 Judaism-related exhibits. Jacob defines every day at the Museum as part of an ongoing history lesson that continuously deepens his understanding and appreciation of the Judaica artwork available at the store. He is especially gifted at helping customers find just the right piece for any occasion. In addition Jacob is responsible for selecting and photographing the items for the new online store.
Ronit Abramoviz

Ronit Abramoviz

Ronit started her way in the museum’s photography department 36 years ago, and has been managing the gift shop for nine years. Ronit’s experience as a photographer provides the unique perspective and vision required for curating the store’s unique collection. Her selections are always made with great care, love, and a specific intention to provide a spotlight for a variety of (mostly Israeli) artists.
Leah Weidenfeld

Leah Weidenfeld

Leah has been working at the Museum since 1979. For many years she was responsible for printing the thousands of photographs displayed in numerous exhibits at the Museum. In 1995 she moved on from the photography department to the gift shop and has been managing it with great joy ever since. Her love of esthetics and even more so, of people, has led to the creation of the ‘Little Shop of Beauty’ along with the other staff members.
Leah aims to provide a wide variety of unique, hand-picked items, displayed in a pleasant, shopper-friendly manner.
Why shop with us? There are lots of reasons. For instance, We offer Unique gifts hand-picked by our team of experts