Hanukia – Hoopoes Birds

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Hand made brass Hanuka menora with a patina finish depicting floral landscape and two hoopoes.

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This hanging Hanuka menora by Israeli artist Orit Garder integrates images of Israeli landscape with ancient Judaic iconography to create a rich and multifaceted Arabic-Hebraic-Judaic narrative. Orit Grader was born in Israel, her art is inspired by the rich interplay of color and shapes that nature offers us. She works with metals, hand colored with patinas and paints and tries to capture natural themes, then transform and incorporate them into creative artwork. The lace-like see-through designs invite a glimpse into an inner world, reflecting the delicate balance between a fragile appearance and a lasting nature.
Technical Details
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
20 x 26 cm
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International shipment is available, shipping cost is based on shipping location and product dimensions.
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