Guided Tours at the Museum of the Jewish People

Guided tours of the Museum for individuals, families, and groups of different sizes are available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Yiddish and Spanish. Tours are approximately 90 minutes in length and can be tailor-designed to meet the needs and interests of a particular group. Add-on workshops of approximately one hour can be included in the visit as well.

Inspire Your Story

The Museum is our playground as we tell stories,  snap selfies and explore Jewish identity through guided activities and group discussions. Jewish  values, language, culture, ritual and the role of Israel all come into play as we delve into collective memory and global interconnectedness.

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Tours for Christian and Interfaith Groups - In Synagogue Hall

This tour begins with an overview of the history of the Jewish people. Using the renowned synagogue models, objects from featured communities, film, music, art, photos and interactive activities, a museum educator provides an immersive introduction to pluralistic Jewish life and practice in Israel and around the world today.

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My Story, Our Story

(Family Groups, Synagogue Missions,
Bar/Bat Mitzvah groups)

A journey through the Museum illustrates each particular family’s cultural heritage. What unites us, and how are we unique? Life cycle events and
holiday displays are highlighted as an opportunity to discuss how communities celebrate these moments together.

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Repairing the World: A Path to Social Action

How can people and communities repair the world? The tour looks at Jews who have acted boldly to effect social change through courage, creativity, and  innovation. Visitors explore questions of what makes someone a hero and how a community can influence and create positive change.

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