Zoom In

Zoom In has emerged as a project within a project. “Connectors” is the mother project that unites eight Russian speaking students from Tel-Aviv University who have joined to discuss their identity on the verge of their inter-culturalism; between ex USSR, Jewish and Israeli identities.

Thinking that a dialogue should not be conducted only by verbal means, spoken or written, we have decided to conduct it via visual media. Hence, we have opened a mini course in photography that combined practical tools to improve the technical skills of the participants, as well as meetings of inspiration and discussion about each participant and his or her connection to the Jewish people.

From the very beginning we have collaborated with The Jewish Lens project here in Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People, initially targeting young students around the world. We became the first group of university students to take part in this project.

With our participants in Zoom In we have started to look for our personal connections to the Jewish people, ask questions about the connection of the individual to a bigger group, to a peoplehood, and questions about our ability to mediate our answers through visual means – is it possible to break the immediate visual associations of Jewish traditional symbols when asking these questions?

All our attempts to answer these questions are here in this exhibition that concludes our personal reflection and group discussion.

The project is supported by Genesis Foundation


Photography instructor: Lee Shleichman

Zoom In initiator: Valerie Michaelovski

Zoom In team: Keren Dicastro, Shon Yaffe – Hillel Tel Aviv, Yael Rosen – Director of Educational Programs at Beit Hatfutsot – The Museum of the Jewish People